We have always maintained that corporate events need not be so different to consumer events in terms of providing memorable experiences that truly connect with your audiences.

Now that we’re well and truly into the new year and new decade, we’ve harvested and distilled popular industry opinion on what’s interesting, thought-provoking and exciting in 2020 that will allow you to achieve the most success and best ROI with your next b2b live event.

  1. It’s all about data. Personalization through data is an aspect of b2b marketing that we have seen grow significantly in recent years and it continues apace for 2020. In all areas of our lives we are now used to being treated and spoken to as individuals with specific needs. Personalized pre-event comms, bespoke breakout sessions and agendas that your delegates can tailor themselves enhance their experience at each touchpoint by allowing them to focus on what really matters to them. Sophisticated event tech that provides the data you need to do this will not only delight and engage your audience and ensure you are providing content to meet their needs, but also give you real and valuable insight to support future decision-making.
  1. Immerse yourself. The b2b events industry has made positive strides in recent years to provide entertainment that is truly interactive and inspiring for its audiences, but many organizations are only just starting to understand its full potential. Immersive, shared experiences that connect people and resonate on a profoundly human level are without doubt one of the biggest 2020 event trends – a recent industry survey reveals that almost 80% of event planners place it at #1 above all other types of live entertainment. There is a perfectly good explanation for this: people crave human connections whatever the environment so prioritizing immersive experiences – from PTSD therapy dogs to escape rooms – that allow your delegates to interact, share and feel something positive will yield only good results. The more creative, thoughtful and entertaining the better!
  1. That’s showbusiness. Speaking of entertainment – we have been evangelizing about this for years, in fact, it is at the very heart of our ethos as an agency: creativity, interactivity and an element of surprise stimulate more parts of the brain and achieve higher levels of engagement than luke-warm classroom-style presentations. Think of your event as a movie production or a stage show with a story to tell and direct it as such –use skilled storytellers as session facilitators and involve your audience by making them step out of their comfort zone to play an active part in how the story progresses. The role of cutting-edge audio-visual effects here is crucial, whether it’s projection mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality or mobile event apps – these tools allow you to engage your audience in a meaningful story that conveys your message in the most powerful and impactful way.
  1. The great climate debate. Sustainability isn’t new for 2020 – and to even call it a trend belies its long-term importance. With our growing collective consciousness of how climate change is affecting the daily decisions we make both as individuals and as part of the organizations we work for, it would be negligent not to reflect that in the design of your live event. At best, failing to meet delegate expectations in this area can lead to disappointment – at worst, it can provoke loud criticism and negativity. From live streaming for virtual attendance to considered location and venue choices and recyclable materials, in 2020 event planners will be required to be all-in when it comes to sustainability: no half initiatives, no stopping at the basics.

Our single message for 2020 is this: be bold and be fearless. This doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater. A solid combination of the traditional with the unconventional, new and exciting will keep everyone happy. One thing is for certain, providing your delegates with a truly unforgettable live experience will create long-lasting trust and loyalty with your brand way beyond 2020.

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