When people come together for conferences, communication is key. With that in mind (and in keeping with our crush on all things ‘techy’) we recently learned about a new app called Crowd Mics, that’s changing the landscape of the conference world. The challenge it aims to overcome is a simple one that has become commonplace over the years. When an audience is given the opportunity to contribute, how can the age-old sound problems that traditionally follow be eliminated?

In the event that a microphone isn’t present (or fails to work), a lack of projection and audibility can lead to things being misheard or even missed altogether. Forcing delegates to repeat themselves also wastes time and dissuades others from participating. Even when a microphone is present, time is often wasted waiting for a runner to reach the speaker with a roaming or radio mic.

Crowd Mics eliminates all of these issues by turning your smart phone into your own personal microphone. With a touch of a button your voice is projected through the PA system. No waiting for a microphone to be delivered, it’s instant access. Its usefulness doesn’t stop there; you can live poll on the topics being discussed, or text in a question should you wish to contribute indirectly.

It certainly has the cool factor, and with further development we see Crowd Mics becoming a real game changer!