This summer, I was fortunate enough to rediscover two well-known and much-loved live event experiences at Glastonbury and in Ibiza. While I was trying to unwind and soak up the festival and beach club atmosphere (someone had to do it!), the upstage team was hard at work onsite in Las Vegas supporting our client Cvent with their annual flagship trade conference.

The show was unlike anything their delegates had ever seen, with overwhelmingly positive comments on the cutting-edge event tech, inspiring content and innovative activations in particular. Cvent’s delegates felt engaged, energised and motivated to drive positive change. So, what’s the connection here? Other than that everyone seemed to cope perfectly well without me being involved?!

To feel moved and inspired is a basic human need that we crave and respond positively to in any circumstances. This is as true for me enjoying the spectacle of Glastonbury and high-octane buzz of Ibiza as it is for the business delegates at Cvent’s trade conference.

The community spirit I felt at Glastonbury, a festival completely devoid of corporate sponsorship that relies mostly on the goodwill of participating artists and vendors, is a direct result of those who are collectively engaged in it being equally invested in its success. This makes it a uniquely unifying, authentic and powerful live event experience.

In Ibiza, what really impressed me was the level of detail and customization that went into the design of the parties and shows, each one pushing the boundaries of creativity to inspire a sense of inclusion and wonder in its audience. Why is it that corporate events don’t always have the same impact?

Rediscovering what truly makes us tick as human beings takes me back to the reason I founded upstage 20 years ago – a fundamental belief that emotional engagement through thoughtful, creative execution is the key to transforming B2B events; that delivering memorable experiences and making meaningful connections with employees and customers creates enduring trust and loyalty with a brand, which in turn supports progress and growth.

Nothing has changed. In the world of B2B events agility, imagination and authenticity are not nice-to-haves – they’re essential, in fact they are more important than ever. To celebrate just how strongly we feel about this, we have created a new video to showcase the upstage difference. Curiosity may have killed the cat but in our case it feeds the imagination that goes into everything we do. Take a look, let us know what you think and hopefully see you next year at a festival…or a party island!!!