It’s no secret that upstage has its roots in performance, after all, “what’s in a name…?”.

Storytelling has always inspired the upstagers’ unique take on engagement. upstagers Chris Cook and Tom Crook decided to take to the stage at The Meetings Show 2018 to pose a simple question: “What can we take from theatre to enhance our events?”

Chris and Tom achieved success in the West End as actors before joining the upstage ranks. I know what you’re thinking, treading the boards isn’t your typical route into an engagement agency, but their experience in theatre fit perfectly with the upstage ethos – engagement is everything. And so, ‘From Stage to Engage’ was born, an exploration into theatrical genres, and how they can be adapted for live events to achieve real, impactful engagement.

Never known to shy away from a chance to perform… the boys belted out a few of the classics as part of their talk, and more impressively, got the delegates singing along (with feeling!). There were even a couple of budding soloists who impressed enough to win some West End theatre vouchers.

So, what did the audience have to say about the upstagers’ take on ‘theatre as a tool for engagement’?

“I’d like to say how interesting your talk was, one of the best that I saw in the entire show actually! You gave me lots to think about. It’s not an easy task to keep delegates engaged, but I’m hoping that following your advice, I’ll be successful!”

Bravo boys!