We’ve all had that fantasy of stepping through the screen and into the world of our favorite TV show. Well we made that dream come true for some lucky fans with the YouView Fanbox.

To celebrate the launch of Netflix on their set-top box services, the great people at YouView wanted to open up three of their top-rated shows and allow fans to enter their worlds.

Some lucky fans became immersed at the highest levels of politics in Washington DC as the newest cast members of House of Cards, others were incarcerated with the spiky inmates of Orange is the New Black, while a brave few entered the high-stakes thrills of Walter White and Breaking Bad.

Fans entered by way of the Fanbox – a bespoke construction on the banks of London’s River Thames. Suggestive of the YouView set-top box itself, the Fanbox was the portal into all these great shows, with sets, costumes and (best of all) actors recreating some of the small screen’s biggest characters.

Using scripts specially adapted from the actual shows, fans were handed a script and immediately became part of the action. Passers-by could watch excitedly through viewing portals that took them right into the scenes.

YouView brought to life some of TV’s best-loved shows and won over legions of new fans to its service, generating happy customers and brilliant press coverage.