Money can’t buy taste, so the wisest hoteliers invest theirs in talent. In a city like London, choosing the right artists and designers to shape your masterpiece can help secure a footing in a fierce luxury market.

The Mandrake Hotel, the first hotel venture of Beirut-born entrepreneur Rami Fustok, opened its doors in September with 30 rooms, 3 suites and a lavishly decorated penthouse. New hotels are opening all over London, so what makes this one so special?

We’re living in an ‘engagement economy’, so hanging a pretty picture just doesn’t cut it anymore. Patrons want the experiential – being a part of it, sharing it, living it.

Owner Fustok has a background in urban art culture and clearly wanted this to translate in his guest’s experience, thereby creating an ‘Artist in Residency’ programme. A selection of the world’s most talented artists in their varied respective fields have been commissioned to create within the hotel. The first position was taken by legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, who recently set up a miniature version of his L.A. tattoo parlour Shamrock in the hotel.

Guests can also look forward to bespoke soundscapes from French sound engineer Pierre-Arnaud Alunni, specially designed scents from Azzi Glasser and a 30-candle chandelier by Lara Bohinc.

With its unique styling and myriad of artistic talent, it looks like The Mandrake is set to create quite the buzz.