SAS: unleash your creativity

Engaging your people

“Everyone’s a salesperson.” We hear that a lot. Most companies like to say that their whole team is part of the sales process – but how many do you know that really practice what they preach? We know one who absolutely does.

The SAS Summer Meeting has traditionally been a time when the whole company to come together as one, so where better to kick off a range of activities celebrating “We Are SAS”? And what better occasion to truly engage the SAS community in helping to drive the company’s sales and marketing activity?

Through a series of facilitated workshops, SAS employees unleashed the creativity in all of them to produce a range of marketing activations. At one point your group might be making a radio commercial, devising a guerrilla campaign or building a pop-up shop. Experts were on hand to guide the groups in everything from crafting the perfect tweet to using storytelling as a sales technique.

The result: some great new ideas to refresh the company’s marketing activity, but more importantly a true sense of employee engagement across the board. People had a newfound appreciation for the challenges of modern marketing, but also the feeling that they too could contribute to SAS’s future success.

Everyone can be part of the sales and marketing team – but you need to engage them with the process.

Our skilled facilitators can unlock the creativity in your team so that your people learn by doing.

Modern marketing is doing things differently, so don’t be left behind.