SAS: Pageant engagement

Engaging your people

When most people hear the word “pageant” they probably think of bikini-clad women twirling batons and talking about world peace. But not us. No sir. (Okay, maybe the batons.)

But for a visionary client like SAS, the word conjured up a showcase of all that’s best about its journey to success – celebrating its achievements and setting its sights on the future. It all added up to “business as unusual”.

Taking over the vast SAS campus we built an environment where their team was treated to a series of entertaining, informative and creative experiences that reflected the leadership’s vision for the company.

Working closely with the senior management team, our facilitators developed content that connected with employees at all levels of the company: embedding the company’s vision and values into all participants.

Looking around the pageant all you could see were smiling faces, engaged staff and the SAS vision in action. In a word: beautiful.

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned get-together: the Pageant brought the whole company out to share and learn.

Bringing your vision to life can be fun – getting out of the conference room can get you into your teams’ hearts and minds.

It’s all about the people – the right facilitators will draw the best out of everyone, and leave a little of themselves behind.