Engaging your customers

Renaissance Capital: Emerging Markets

Engaging your customers

We’ve had the BRICs and the MINTs and a whole host of other acronyms, but one thing doesn’t need spelling out: the emerging economies are here to stay.

One of the most exciting places on the planet right now is Sub-Saharan Africa. With Nigeria on track to become one of the 20 largest economies in the world by 2020, this vibrant and dynamic region is powering the growth of a new global economic power.

Renaissance Capital is a specialist in emerging markets, and wanted a suitable environment in which to bring together all the relevant parties from government and business who are the key players in Sub-Saharan Africa. We came up with a three-day program that delivered against all their objectives: a conference whose energy and purpose matched the dynamism of the region itself.

Guest speakers included royalty, world leaders and corporate bigwigs from around the world. But the real work of the conference was in the one-to-one sessions that connected business people with each other.

Those sessions weren’t glamorous, and we doubt they’d make great photos for our website, but they made a massive impact. Why? Because people in a room talking to each other is very powerful when it’s the right people in the right room. It’s how progress is made. It can change the world.

Sometimes it’s about the bells and whistles, but not always. Successful programs are all about the results, not the budget.

Why are you focusing on the logistics instead of on guest list? Let us work with you to ensure flawless delivery and engaging content.

“People in a room talking” doesn’t sound sexy – but that’s where the work gets done.