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Become an upstager
Were you that kid? You know the one we mean: not just curious, but driving everyone around you crazy by always asking “why”?  If you were, we think you might be one of us. upstage is a global engagement agency, dedicated to connecting our clients with their customers and employees through all kinds of live and digital communication. We’re looking for bright, enthusiastic and passionate professionals who would enjoy delivering incredible live and digital experiences. Read on to find the right role for you.
upstager qualities
  • Your enthusiasm and drive is infectious
  • You contribute positively to any situation
  • You have stamina and resilience
  • You lift the mood, energising teammates and clients
  • You are proud and excited about what you do
  • You love to engage!
  • You assimilate information quickly
  • You are constantly seeking to ensure upstage is adding value in ways that other agencies cannot
  • You have a growth mindset and an ever expanding toolkit
  • You bring creative solutions and lateral thinking
  • You listen and always prepare accordingly
  • You thrive when presented with a challenge
  • You have a positive outlook, that you bring to work every day
  • You don’t leave anything to chance. You know that small things matter to the big picture
  • You are confident in your professional opinion and you share this with clients and colleagues
  • You love being part of a diverse team, being supported and supportive
  • Your have empathy with your colleagues and clients
  • You own it!